Ideas for Cooperation

There are many possible solutions that will allow access nearly every day and maintian the Park's budget, safety, and resource protection requirements:

  • Close the road at Third Peak or the Slot.  This was policy for many years, I am not sure when or why it ended.  The last mile of road is the most prone to bad weather, drifting, and the parking lot is a relatively large area to clear.  This will still provide access to snowshoeing, backcounrty, and cross country opportunities.

  • Cooperate with Clallam County or WSDOT for plowing.  Clallam County has said that they could plow the road to the slot four days a week for $75,000 per winter.

  • Appropriate more money in the Park budget.  No other National Park has weekend only access; not sure why this is not accounted for in the Park's normal appropriation.

  • Rely on volunteers such as the Cascade Backcountry Patrol or Olympic Mountain Rescue for a significant portion of the necessary safety measures.  No different in principle than summer volunteers who walk around the paved paths enforcing the "don't go off the path" rule.

  • Rely on volunteers for a significant portion of the labor.  Rocky Mountain National Park has the "Road Hogs" who contribute to that Park, which includes the highest road in North America.

  • Use passive snow removal devices to reduce the time and fuel required to clear the road and parking areas.
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