Road Crew

The road was closed over 20% of the time during the two year trail period, and opened later than 9:00 am about 30% of the time.  Overall the road was closed or late 50% of the time during the trail period.   

For the late days, the average opening time was 10:15.

There were 66 days with zero new snow.

The road opened early or on time 70 days.

Unlike other winter road operations, the Hurricane Road Crew does not operate when the road is open to the public with the exception of occasionally the sand truck will reapply in the afternoon.

Assuming the crew checks in at 5:00 am, there were 70 days when the road crew  were done by 9:00; a four hour work day.

In 2012, there were 46 late days, with an average opening time of 10:02.  On those days, the crew averaged a five hour work day; some were later.

There were 29 closed days where the crew (as far as I have seen) doesn't work on the Hurricane Ridge Road once the call is made, because if its not safe for the public, its not safe for them either.

A large portion of the $325,000 ONP estimated cost to keep the road open during the week was due to the fact that the existing road crew was committed to working four 10-hour days (Thursday-Sunday).  As a result, a second crew needed to be hired to work the remaining three days.

Other similar winter areas such as Mount Baker, Crater Lake, Grand Teton, and Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons, keep roads clear 24/7 using a 5-7 man crew (and less money). 

It is possible with flexible scheduling.

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  1. One should talk with, or perhaps take to court, L.L. (rd crew machanic)from years ago who would put a much needed snow machine part in his drawer until the season was over. Couldn't stand the skiers.