What to do?

At this point, the best recourse is to make your feelings and opinions known to the the managers of the Park.  So write them a letter, or email, or call.

ONP Superintendent
Sarah Creachbaum
600 East Park Avenue
Port Angeles, WA 98362-6798

For a variety of reasons, including turnover in the ONP management contacting the regional office also might help.
Usually nps email addresses are FirstName underscore LastName @ nps.gov, but I tried this and it didn't work.
Pacific West Region
Christine Lehnertz, Regional Director
National Park Service
333 Bush Street, Suite 500
San Francisco, CA 94194-2828
(415) 623-2100

NPS staff are accountable to our members of congress.  My understanding is that fax is the best way to contact them... the anthrax scare means that snail mail is searched and takes forever to get there, and they get millions of emails.  Plus by emailing them you get on their spam email list getting their legislative updates.

Senator Patty Murray
Fax: (253) 572-9488

Senator Maria Cantwell
Fax: 253-572-5879

Congressman Norm Dicks
Fax: 253-593-6551

Jim McDermott - Senior member of the house ways and means committee, one of the most powerful committees in congress. Though not related directly to the NPS, he's a powerful congressman and may be able to help. http://mcdermott.house.gov/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=456&Itemid=104


Democratic Subcommittee Members

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