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Waterhole Sign-in Log Books Highlights
Part 1: Books 1-3, 1971 to 1982
Selected historical notes and memorable visitor comments compiled by Rod Farlee.
4 April 1971 - Jack Hughes "snow = 4 ft above roof peak. If I did not know where to dig I would not have found hut. Took longer to dig out door than to ski here in wet slow snow."
Hut used on many trips to service Eagle Point weather station.
Many visits by Ranger Eric Burr, Nils & Keith Lingvall, Dr. Bob and Joan Allman & Bob Jr., John and Jim Siemens, John Swedstedt (all involved in building the hut).
"22 Aug 1971 putting hut up on raised platform - FCA's Becker and Rinehart, rangers Hughes, Baldwin, Bangle, Fowles, Knost, Whitney"
"Cabin is a fine place; many thanks to NPS!" H & N Sharpe, 12/30/71
"X-country ski tour class" - 21 Feb 1972
"Jan 14-15. I love this warm retreat in the mountains. Wish we had many more. Thanks. Sharon Willoughby"
"14-15 Jan. Too short of a time to relieve all the speediness of the city. Though a little blue and purple mountain silence as the sun sinks gold behind the mountain of the goddesses and gods (Olympus) does wonders for my soul. Whispers of wind in the forest and, from the end of the road up Obstruction Peak, the while full sound of rushing water, invisible down below. Cold wet feet tingling beside a crackling fire and lentil stew full of fresh cooked carrots & onions & green pepper - a carrot never tasted so sweet. The moonlight from a quarter moon shone bright enough from high in the southwest sky that the trees cast clear dark shadows on the bright snow. But still the stars shone thru, so special to see when city lights have obscured too long the sky at night for me. It is a very special gift to each of us this place of warmth to ease the cold & discomfort of winter nights, it gives to each that essential regeneration of our spirits thru the peach and nurturance of our Mother the Earth. I appreciate the work people have done to make this possible. - Carolyn"
"Summer, the first day I am here, '72, Brian Bakke.
A find feathered wind soars among the citadels of ancient stone, perching now for a moment upon a throne of weathered pine, singing silently.
No thoughts.
No words.
Only wind.
And where is the ego of a mountain? Flowing perhaps with the grief of a flower, severed for its beauty, sniffed, and thrown away.
Mingling perhaps with the hatred of the marmot for the trails, the trash, and the tromping of weekend campers
Pulsing, maybe, with the outrage of a pine murdered for its flesh to burn in a moment so many years of determined growth.
And where like this mighty river of ego and sense of injustices.
I have looked, but it does not flow here. The sound of its current seem to flow only from the voices of man, from the mouths of the friends, from the depths of my own mind.
The mountains are. It is enough."
"My first time touring and I love it!" Bob Allman, Jr., Jan. 6, 1974
Troop 303 Boy Scouts of America, 8 scouts, 1-19-74
"Dug out about 4 feet of snow to come in. This is my idea of ski touring - no tracks, no blizzards." Mills Davidson, 2-17-74
"Thank you all for the splendid accomodations. 4 from Bush School of Seattle 3-30-74"
"Hut is kept clean and in good spirits by people who stay here." 4-6-74
"This cabin much appreciated after a tough hike in wet snow." 4-24-74
"All the comforts of home. Like to stay all winter!" 12-14-74
"Our thanks and appreciation to Jack Hughes and the other folks who take care of this hut." 12-28-74
"The cabin enables one to enjoy the quietness and peacefulness of the mountains - only the music of the wind, accompanied by the dance of the snow elves. May each who stays here share in the enchantment that the Olympics freely offer. - N. Bittner, Jan. 3, 1975"
Sunday, Jan. 26, 1975 rescue operation "Broken leg a mile toward Obstruction Pt. Taken out by helicopter. - Jack Hughes"
Emergency cache in hut: sleeping bag, flares, food, First Aid kit, fire extinguisher, axe.
"ONP is almost better in winter!"
"We've spent three peaceful nights in Waterhole - Could spend another 6 months. - B. Womack, N. Bittner, Feb. 17, 1975
"We really appreciated the comforts this cabin provided. Thank you to everyone who made it so nice. Marie Lorgen, 4-5-75"
"This cabin is a pleasure and deserves all our respect. Randy Brook, Seattle, 1-18-76"
Jan. 31, 76 - 7 from Evergreen Area Council, Winter Camping Seminar
"We thank those who built this hut. To people used to tent-camping in winter, this is the Olympic Hilton! Dave Seago, 3-14-76"
"I hope NPS can see one more ski hut at Obstruction Point some day. Jerry Gilbert, 18 April 76"
"This hut is a stroke of genius." family of 5 from Victoria BC, 15 May 1976
"Our fourth time here, and we can't get over what a perfect spot it is! Many thanks. Janet Allison, 23 Dec. 1976"
"With intentions of climbing McCartney Peak, camp was pitched on the ridge about 1/2 mile south of Obstruction Point. Sunday morning snow blizzard bent poles and ripped tent loose from ridge and therefore retreat to Waterhole was decisive." John Menanno, 2-21-77
"We celebrated our anniversary here with steaks, red wine and cheesecake. Thanks to rangers Jack H. and Jack R. for making this trip possible. - Jerry + Laurette Gilbert, P.T., March 2, 1977"
"The spirit of Steve Holm haunts this place in the personage of the leg splints by the door. J. Wegmann, 5-3-77" [Steve Holm broke femur near Obstruction Point. John Wegmann and Dr. Sam Baker splinted it using ski poles, moved him to Waterhole. Ranger Jack Hughes called in Coast Guard helicopter evacuation from Waterhole.]
"The silence and sense of calm wholeness is the best part of the mountains - And being able to take shelter & get warm makes the beauty easier to appreciate. Ellen Lockhert, April 10, 1977"
"Thanks for this haven in the wilderness. Ian and Mary Brown, May 9 '77"
"How lucky we are - this fine hut, skiing in May, exquisite scenery! Joyce, May 1977"
"What a neat little place... an ideal refuge in a storm or out of one. And a woodstove!! Why not more of these in this state? Outstanding place!!... Hate to leave this 'Paradise in the Olympics'. Thanks to all involved in the hut program. Roger Baird, March 15, 1978"
"I have to say thanks to the Park for this cabin. What can we do for more? M.W., March 17, 1978"
"Driving snow and 20-30 knot winds have been sweeping ridge for 3 days now. How thankful i am for this shelter and the solitude i've enjoyed here! Jason Funky, 25 March 1978"
"For those of us who have spent many cold nights in a tent winter camping, we know what a luxury this place is. Nancy Waligory, Mercer Island, April 24-26, 1978"
"Tis a pleasure to open the hut for a new season. Hut is as clean as the papal soul. J. Wegmann, VIP BOC, 21 Nov 78"
"As others have written, we too are appreciative of the resources here. Val Jaffe, 12-2-78"
"Fantastic scenery, deep snow, this hut was a pleasant surprise. Jim Waters, Michigan, 12-24-78"
"Maura and Roger Oakes, Jerry age 8, Evan age 9, 26 Dec. '78"
"I had run across huts like this in B.C., but here in the U.S.? On gov't property? Tremendous idea. Thanks to all N.W. skiers who have had the common sense to keep this place righteous. Philip Brown, Indiana, 1-5-79"
Janet Kailin, Dave Skinner.
"The hut was truly a blessed haven to find. I hope it will always be as well cared for as it has cared for us. Ed + Robbie Hays, P.T. WA., Jan. 24, 1980"
"Thanks to all who have stayed, enjoyed and taken care -- so we can return 5 years later in this most beautifully quiet season of all - winter. John Thomson, Pysht, Feb. 16, 1980"
Replenish the rescue cache after Mike's accident - 2 March 1980
[Refers to the rescue of Ranger Mike Butler, who broke his ankle beyond Waterhole, was transported to Waterhole on a primitive sled made by lashing his skis together, then brought out on toboggan later that same night. Events related by Dr. Roger Oakes.]
"63 inches of new powder snow & we broke trail thru it! This place is such an oasis. M + D McKee, March 16, 1980"
"We thank the Park Service and all involved for keeping such wonderful opportunities. Paul Nishman, 3-30-80"
"Came in cold and hungry, left refreshed, revitalized & strengthened. It's just really neat to have this nook to retreat to after a push up the hill. Beal, Fraley & Fenton, Bremerton, 4-20-80"
"Heard St. Helens go but did not know what it was until arrived back @Hurricane. 5-17/18-80."
[Mount St. Helens explosion May 18, 1980 8:32 am PDT]
"A very welcome sight this fine hut was! Here's another vote for more oasis in the snow. Mark Whitmore, Marianne Krashy, 1 Jan. 1981"
"Search for downed airplane. Thurs Jan 29, 1981"
"Here for plane crash detail. S. Rolfe, W. Meisner, J. James, Rockwell, Thomas, Brothers, NPS 1-29-81"
[wreckage was located on Grand Ridge]
Jack & Mary Lange, Feb. 21, 1981.
"Yes, as so many others have remarked before, why aren't there more of these cabins? Bill Rotecki, Judith Ames, Feb 21, 1981"
"Wish there were more of these cabins, especially in the Cascades. C. McTeal, Mar. 16-18, 1981"
"This palace in paradise looked a touch more comfortable than a tent on the SNOW! Nirvana has been found. Thank you Park Service, more of these would be nice, this one is an example that they will work. Mark + Mary Lemon, Tacoma, April 25, 1981"
"Incidentally, Mark and Mary, this hut was built and paid for by local skiers not by NPS! Jack [Hughes], 10 May 1981"
"Best over nighter in the Olympics ever. Merry Christmas!! Greg & Jeanne Jacobs, 12-22-81"
"Hope everyone else can enjoy this place as much as we did! Angie Chichester, 12-28-81"
Bob & Bobbie Baldwin, Jan. 25, 1981.
"I think Frost said something to the effect
When to the heart of man
was it ever less than a treason
To go with drift of things
and yield with a will to reason
To bow and accept the end
of a love or of a season?
J. Kailin, April 23, 1982" [Janet Kailin retired from NPS in 2011. This is a most fitting tribute to Waterhole.]

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