Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thank you if you arrived here from the Seattle Times.  And Thank-You to John Kinmonth.  Free Hurricane Ridge stands for three things:
The Ridge
  1. The Hurricane Ridge Road can and should be open at least as far as the Switchback trailhead every day, 365 days a year.  ONP's excuses for why that cannot happen are simply not true.  Closures and late openings also diminish the quality of the experience.
  2. The distruction of the Waterhole Hut was an illegal action by ONP staff.  The Hut should be replaced, and in fact more huts should be installed along the non-wilderness road corridors which are closed in winter.
  3. The existing ski area has a minimal impact on the enviroment, yet plays a critical role in the community, particularly getting young future supporters of wild places away from their screens and into nature.  ONP is currently stonewalling improvements allowed in the General Mangement Plan.
Details in support of our claims are detailed in the pages on the right, and will continue to be updated.  See also

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